Ancient initiation rite


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Pay especial attention to the beautiful Modern Regalia that you will want to wear to meetings and fraternal convocations.

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Closing ode

Air:—Sweet, Bye and Bye.
1. We now go from our labors tonight,
To our homes, to our hearths, to our rest.
May our lives overflow with kind acts,
Our hearts full of joy and tenderness.
Chorus—Let us join in the song,
As it comes from that beautiful shore.
Yes, we'll join in the song,
As it floats from that beautiful shore.
2. When we meet in our Tent once again,
When we enter this guarded abode,
As brothers our work we'll review,
And endeavor to lighten each load.
Chorus—Let us join in the song, etc.
3. When our life's grand review shall be held,
In yonder grand mansion of rest,
All warfare and trials will be over,
In that beautiful land of the blest.