Ancient initiation rite


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An ancient order reborn

The Fraternal Order of the Knights of the Maccabees rises again, one eye to our storied history and one eye toward our glorious future.

These pages represent a glimpse into the formal business and rites of the Order.

They should be seen as ceremonies that connect the Order to the past, yet rites that do not bind the Order to the past.

We are a modern Order unashamed and unchained by our long and glorious history. Our history is ever before us as example and beacon, yet our future like our present is that of contemporary service and reflection.


About the year 175, before the present era, there reigned, in Syria, Antiochus the IV, a monstrous King, who sent 22,000 of his soldiers against Jerusalem.

He plundered the Holy City, and issued a proclamation that all should forsake their ancient forms of worship. Many, in order to escape persecution, denied their country and renounced its laws.

There were some, however, who preferred death to dishonor. One such was ELEAZAR, a doctor of the law, who, when commanded to defile himself, refused, and determined to go to the King and make answer before him, according to the Holy ordinance.