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Most active in Michigan, the group's fraternal aspects took a backseat to providing low-cost insurance to members.

In the society's early years, it also provided other final-expense related benefits such as society cemeteries.


• 2008 marked the return of the Knights of the Maccabees to its place in the forefront of Fraternal Orders. The Order has been modernized and redesigned for the 21st century with a new focus on the fraternal character of the Order.

• In the 1990s the organization was demutualized, sold to the Royal Insurance Group, and operated under the name Royal Maccabees Life Insurance Company. It no longer exists as an insurance company.

• In 1962, the group changed its name to the Maccabees Mutual Life Insurance Company.

• In 1941 the group gained control of the Michigan Union Life Association, furthering its transformation from a benefit society into a modern, legal-reserve insurance company.

• In 1926, they established their headquarters at the Maccabees Building in downtown Detroit. In 1960, the Maccabees relocated to Southfield, Michigan. In 1986, they built new 251,000-square-foot building in Southfield.