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GRave Markers

The Maccabees were one of the most successful of fraternal benefit societies which sprung up after the Civil War. Many insurance companies were not interested in sales to ordinary people and there was little in the way of a social safety net.

Originally whenever a member died, each living member was assessed 10 cents to go into a pot to provide the widow $1000. After reorganization, the Order became much more sophisticated, collecting monthly assessments based on payouts.

Coal miners, "aeronauts," and other dangerous professions were excluded as were manufacturers, sellers, and drinkers of alcohol.

Most KOTM markers have the world globe as the background and either the tent (Knights) or the beehive (Ladies) as an insignia. Those with just words could be used for both branches of the organization.

Older markers were made of iron, badly rusted today, but still solid. Later markers were of galvanized metal.