Council Officers

The Most Illustrious Sovereign Prince and Grand Patron of the Order:

HR & IH Grand Prince and Grand Duke Hans Maximus Cabrera Lochaber Rurikovic, Grand Chancellor and Royal Commander of the Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich

The Most Illustrious Grand Master of the Order:

HSH Prince Chev Dr Franklin Joseph Keough-Krakowski, GMRCC, Sovereign Prince of Mangup

Illustrious Ambassador and Grand Commander to the Russian Federation:

The Crown Prince of the Rurik Dynasty Jorge Cabrera Rurikovich, Chief in Command and heir to Name, Head, House, and Arms

Illustrious Ambassador to and Grand Commander in the Country of Portugal:

H.E. The Hon. Lord Chevalier Dr. Joaquim Herédia Rama, PhD., KGCRCC, (A Grand Commander of the ORCC Grand Conclave), Chairman and Director General of Rama Rochester, The Illustrious Ambassador to the Country of Portugal for the ORCC and The Grand Commander for Our Orderrsquo;s Commandery in the Country of Portugal

Illustrious Ambassador to the Western Hemisphere:

HSH Robert J. Mickelson, Jr. KGCRCC, Sebastos of the Tourma of Amendolea of the Grand Commandery & Themata of Longobardia

Illustrious Ambassador to Italy:

Chev Samuele Lovato, Viscount of Halate, KGCRCC

Illustrious Ambassador to the Borough of Brooklyn:

H. H. The Prince, Chev. Eduard G. Surodin, MBA, MA, KGCRCC, Baron KGCOSA, KGCOBE, etc.

Grand Commander of the State of Texas and Illustrious Grand Ambassador to the State of Texas:

Chev Dr Dietrich P. Whisennand, KGCSA, KGCRCC

Right Illustrious Grand Recorder:

Chev Dr J. W. Eastwood, KCRCC

Illustrious Grand Commissioner and Illustrious Ambassador to the Country of Venezuela:

Prof. The Chev. Dr. Moritz Joaquín Eiris Bonilla, Esq. JD., GCRCC, KFM, KDL, KCRB

Illustrious Grand Almoner:

Rev Chev Ian D. McDougall, KGCRCC

Illustrious Grand Chamberlain:

Chev Geoffrey E. Dye, KGCRCC

Illustrious Grand Orator and Illustrious Grand Secretary:

Lord Chev. Nicholas M. Stratton KGCRCC, KotMHOS, KtGC.OBE, KStD

Illustrious Grand Chaplain:

The Most Rev. Andrew J. McMenamin, DMin, OCR; Archbishop, Diocese of Hampton Roads, Lutheran Orthodox Church; OCR Rector of Norfolk; Conte di San Paulo, Casa Perna Cabrera Rurikovich, KGCRCC

Illustrious Standard Bearer:

H. H. The Prince, Chev. Eduard G. Surodin, MBA, MA, KGCRCC, Baron KGCOSA, KGCOBE, etc.

llustrious Grand Marshal:

Chev John Andrew Blakemore, Marquis of Kutná Hora, KGCRCC

Illustrious Grand Herald:

Chev Duilio Chiarle, KGCRCC

Illustrious Grand Sentinel:

Chev Michael Brian Riley, KGCBE, KGCOBE, KGCRCC

Illustrious Grand High Co-Prelate:

The Most Reverend Metropolitan +Daniel of Mexico and All Latin America, Archbishop +Daniel de Jesús Ruiz Flores, Th.D., Ph.D., Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church – Canonical, GCRCC

Illustrious Grand High Co-Prelate:

HSH The Rev Dr Mar Frederick A. Clary, Grand Master of the Order of St. Daniel, Catholicos, Chancellor and Prince of the Orthodox Church, Archbishop of Saranda in partibus infidelium, Holy Orthodox Church of Epirus, and Illustrious Grand High Co-Prelate and KGCRCC

Illustrious Grand High Co-Prelate:

The Rev. Chev Dr. Alex Brandon, KGCRCC, The Illustrious Co-Prelate of the Order of the Red Cross of St. Constantine representing the Old Baptist Union of America for the ORCC Grand Conclave

The Most Illustrious First Grand Master Emeritus:

HSH Prince Chev Dr Marcus A.C.F. Barccani-Dunston, Prince of the Royal and Imperial House of Rurikovich