• We are primarily a Christian Orthodox fraternal and chivalric Order open to people of the Christian faith and of exemplary life.
  • Entry into the Order is based upon a demonstration of appropriate Merit to the satisfaction of the Sovereign Prince, Agreement with the Orthodox Nicene Creed, and a Solemn Obligation by the aspirants that they will respect and obey the Aims, Purposes, Bylaws, and the Constitution of the Order.
  • Aside from its hospitaller work, the Order will:
    • Support the Church and its undertakings
    • Help people seeking meaning to their lives through Christian education and moral virtues
    • Inculcate the virtues of Christian chivalry and the nobility of spirit
    • Promote peace and goodwill among all citizens of the world
    • Organize conferences related to the aims of the Order and the general assemblies of its members.
  • The Order promotes the preservation and sharing of the traditions of Orthodoxy while fostering improved understanding among all Christian Churches.
  • Furthermore, the Order actively seeks to enter into understanding cooperation with all other legitimate branches of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John.
  • The nine cardinal principles expected from Chivalry are those of loyalty, piety, frankness, bravery, glory, honor, contempt of death, helpfulness towards the poor and sick, and respect for the Church. These shall form the whole basis of the aims and purposes of the Order, of the work of chivalry, and of the life of the Confraternity.
  • The Order is an active organization. Membership requires individuals to support actively to the best of their ability in word and deed the good and charitable work of the Order. Members are not required to contribute any fees to the Order.
  • Payments may be requested only to cover personal passage of the member, and registration and investiture expenses which are determined by the Sovereign Prince of the Order.
  • The Order has a definite role as an honorable fraternal organization and as an organization which invokes the model of historical Constantinian Chivalry with the Hospitaller activities of the historical Knights of St John as an inspiration.
  • We believe that no Order of Constantinian Knighthood should attempt to pass itself off as the unique or only legitimate Constantinian Order. Our Conclave has no history to rewrite.
  • Our Order sees the illustrious history of St Constantine, of Constantinian Knighthood, and of St John Knighthood as archetypes providing spiritual, moral, and historical guidance to its activities in the 21st century.
  • Please be aware that our Order is a Confraternal Order; we do not in any way purport to sell noble or royal titles, nor do we offer hereditary titles!
  • The Order would also like to extend the hand of Brotherhood and Fraternal relations to all non-Orthodox Christian Chivalric and Fraternal Orders of good standing so to as broaden the scope of inter-Christian and inter-order dialogue and association.
Hans Maxiumus

HSH, the Chev. Dr. Don Marcus, A.C.E. Barccani-Dunston, Prince of the Royal & Imperial House of Rurikovich, First Grand Master of the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, Emeritus